CURTMFG: Detroit Tested, Customer Approved

 Our engineering facility, located just outside of Detroit, allows CURT Manufacturing to produce the highest-quality towing products on the market today. We are the last American-made trailer hitch company, and we take pride in that. We are working closely with the GM, Ford and Dodge engineers to create new industry-standard OEM and OE equipment tests. This means a safer and tougher product for our customers and unparalleled quality. Being close in proximity to the large car manufactures allows our engineers to have access to the latest and greatest vehicles that have yet to hit the road. This is what makes us different. And different is the best. 
CURTMFG: Detroit Tested, Customer Approved

At ASA We Only Sell & Install The Best!

Class I, II, III, IV, V Hitches, Gooseneck Hitches, Fifth Wheel Rails and Hitches, Weight Distribution Systems, Air Bags Timbrens and Road Master Active Suspension across Michigan.


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B&W Hitches

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TIMBREN SES Suspension Upgrades

Our SES Suspension Upgrades have unique features to benefit your truck, van or SUV.

•Eliminates Trailer Sway & Roll
•Easy Bolt-On & Pop-In Installation
•Maintenance Free
•Satisfaction Guarantee
 Lifetime Warranty
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Air Lift® - Performance Air Suspension Kits

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